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I want to thank your readers who have been supporting the British Heart Foundation this spring by decluttering and donating items from their clear out to their local BHF shop.

I work at The University of Swansea as a BHF Professor and wanted to tell your readers about my current research project, funded by the BHF.

Abnormal heart rhythms - called arrhythmias - can be life-threatening.

My team are looking at how changes in calcium can cause dangerous arrhythmias, and how they can be treated. This research could help scientists find new ways of treating dangerous heart rhythms.

My project is just one of over 1,000 research projects that the BHF currently funds at universities across the UK, investigating every aspect of heart and circulatory disease – from causes and better drugs to improving surgical techniques.

Each of these projects are only made possible by the BHF’s generous supporters and each unwanted item donated this spring brings us one step closer to the next big breakthrough in heart research.

I cannot thank the people of Wales enough for helping to support such an important and worthy cause.

There are currently 365,000 people living with cardiovascular disease across the area and I’m sure every reader will have been touched by heart disease in some way or another whether it be personally, through a family member or close friend.

If you are yet to have your clear out or would like to support your local BHF shop at other times of the year, they are always in need of items to fill their rails and shelves so please do keep them in mind for you unwanted items.

To find your local shop, order free donation bags or find out more about the free home collection service, please visit

Yours etc,

Prof Alan Williams,

BHF-funded researcher.

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