20p fee-dodgers vandalising toilets

By County Echo Reporter in Local People

A CARDIGAN toilet block run by a public-spirited community group may have to close because some people won’t pay 20p to use the loo, it has emerged.

Town councillor Shan Williams, of 4CG (Cymdeithas Cynnal a Cefnogi Cefn Gwlad), has revealed the toilet doors in Chancery Lane are being repeatedly vandalised.

“People kick the latch until it breaks,” she told fellow town councillors last week. “The door then cannot close and everyone uses the toilet for free.

“What some people will do to avoid paying 20p...”

She revealed that so many were avoiding the charge that the toilets were running at a considerable loss.

“The money we get in does not even cover a fraction of the cost of running those toilets – we are going to have to try magnetic locks,” she said.

Cllr Williams added that, as a result, plans to re-open toilets at Feidr Fair by using the same system had been put on hold.

“We obviously don’t want to be losing money on two sites and then perhaps having to close them both,” she explained. “We are now trying to get a system that works in Chancery Lane first.

“I cannot believe how busy the Chancery Lane toilets are, yet people kick the doors in – it’s sad.

Cllr Williams added: “There’s a person who works nearby who actually waits outside until someone comes out of the toilet cubicle and then they pounce to avoid paying.

“We do not want to keep coming back to the town council asking for money – these toilets must sustain themselves.”

Cllr Catrin Miles suggested some sort of awareness campaign highlighting the value of the Chancery Lane toilets.

“So many people are dodging paying yet these toilets provide an important service,” she added.

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